Exclusive Pens

Welcome to the timeless world of Aurora pens.

For more than 100 years, the company has represented the excellence of made in Italy in writing instruments.
Since 1919, through generations, we have been dedicated to producing high-quality pens that are symbols of style and distinction.
The pillars that have made the company an international leader are:

  • Quality: our driving force
  • Emotion:  the Aurora Pen is a unique, personal object that becomes part of you, trough generations
  • Craftsmanship:   each pen is  manufactured by  skilled artisans

Aurora Atelier

Precious materials, such as diamonds and gold, give each pen the value of a true “work of art” These  projects are created for prestigious companies and for the most important Royal Families in the Middle East Choosing an Aurora Pen means becoming part of a world where writing represents a symbol of prestige and nobility, an expression of timeless luxury and style Made in Italy

Edolinda Di Fonzo

Export Manager
(+39) 335 710 66 23