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The planets collection



Aurora Pens travels into space with imagination and creativity, creating the Pianeti (Planets) fountain pen collection which includes new versions of the legendary Aurora 88 pen, created in 1947 by designer Marcello Nizzoli, still a timeless success today.

The new limited editions of 888 pieces each are inspired by the celestial bodies that, together with the Earth, revolve around the Sun, each following its own orbit and revealing unique colours and visual effects.

After the other fountain pens of the Planets collection – Nebulosa (Nebula), Marte (Mars), Urano (Uranus), Saturno (Saturn), Nettuno (Neptune), Mercurio (Mercury), Giove (Jupiter), Plutone (Pluto) and Venere (Venus) – Aurora completes the journey into space with the last limited edition of the collection, Terra (Earth). All the fountain pens of the 8″88″ Planets collection are fitted with an 18-karat solid-gold nib produced in the Aurora factory and certified by the ‘5TO’ imprint. The serial number is engraved on the top of the cap and the central ring features the Aurora lettering.

The fountain pen dedicated to the Earth comes in the colour of our beautiful planet when viewed from space, fully surrounded by the atmosphere. A deep-blue hue covers the barrel and the cap in mottled Auroloide.

The unique nib has a special grip in Auroloide and stands out among the others for its blue tone (price € 780).

The barrel and the cap of the 8″88″ Nebulosa fountain pen are made of Auroloide tinged with the iridescent blue and purple hues that characterise this interstellar cloud of dust. The 8″88″ Marte pen is red, after the famed red planet. The blue-speckled Auroloide perfectly defines the typical tone of the planet in the 8″88″ Urano fountain pen. The fascinating ringed planet inspired the 8″88″ Saturno pen made of dark-blue streaked mother-of-pearl Auroloide. The space travel continues with the 8″88” Nettuno pen, the planet furthest from the Sun, with its typical intense-blue colour. The 8″88″ Mercurio fountain pen has a grey flecked Auroloide barrel and cap, in homage to the hue of the minerals that cover the planet’s surface. The largest and most colourful celestial body of the entire solar system is expressed by the 8″88″ Giove pen, made of multicoloured mottled Auroloide. The ninth planet of the solar system is represented by the blue colour of the 8″88″ Plutone fountain pen whilst the brightness and warmth of the ‘Planet of love’ are celebrated by the 8″88″ Venere fountain pen made of powder-pink marbled Auroloide.

The retail price is € 740 each.

All 8″88″ Pianeti fountain pens are housed in an elegant black-lacquered wooden case with a black interior, to enhance the brilliance of the writing instruments of this prestigious collection.