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The fourth step of the Secret Journey to Italy: Aurora narrates Burano

Aurora’s “Secret Journey to Italy” continues in the pursuit of curiosity and the discovery of the fascinating secrets of our Peninsula. The fourth leg of the journey explores Burano, a small fishing island near Venice. Known for its famous laces, among the most renowned in the world, not everyone knows that an enchanting peculiarity of this place is also the bright colors of its houses, which in times past oriented boatmen, allowing them to locate the houses at night, even in the presence of thick fog, typical of the Venetian lagoon.

The fourth chapter, then, takes us to a place full of vitality, and the fountain pen, in a Limited Edition of 888 pieces (price €790 each), is inspired by the wonderful colors of Burano.

The body of the pen echoes this rainbow of hues that characterize the island, which is further evoked in the intense purple of the ink to create a unique writing experience.

Like each stage of Aurora’s “Secret Journey to Italy”, Burano is accompanied by a playlist of iconic songs evocative of the atmosphere of the place, accessible via QR code, creating a synesthesia between sight and hearing for an experience that pervades all the senses. In addition, a souvenir postcard is associated with the pen, featuring a watercolor depicting the wonders of the fascinating location.