Questione di Stilo


The novel of the Aurora pens

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Turin, 1919. “Mr. Levi, I’m proposing a fantastic deal to you: why don’t you manufacture fountain pens in Turin, too?”. An enterprising young accountant looks straight into the eyes of a well-known textile industrialist from Turin, Isaia Levi. The businessman is intrigued by the proposal of the young man in front of him. If Turin is known for being the birthplace of the Kingdom and famous for its pastries, chocolate, automobile and textile industries, couldn’t it become the “capital” of the fountain pen? A few days later the adventure begins: “Good morning, I need to register a new company”. The Chamber of Commerce officer looked up from his papers and pressed his lips together in acknowledgment: “Company name?”. “Italian factory of Aurora reservoir pens”. Turin, 1889. A certain Cesare Verona imports the first American-made Remington typewriters in Italy. He starts his business right in the center of Turin, about fifteen minutes’ walk from the site of the Aurora factory. Cesare Verona is my great-grandfather and I, bearing his name, am currently the fourth patron of Aurora, which has become the most important Italian fountain pen factory. That’s how it happened. In this “sidereal” crossroads between typewriters and fountain pens there’ s all the paradox of a story that is now a hundred years old. All to be… read, now that I wrote it for you. Cesare Verona