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Presentation and special cancellation of the Aurora Stamp

Poste Italiane and Aurora Penne announce that today, May 24, 2019, an ordinary stamp belonging to the thematic series “the Excellencies of the production and economic system” dedicated to Aurora, on the centenary of its founding, related to the value of tariff B equal to €1.10 is issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Circulation: two million five hundred thousand copies

Sheets of forty-five copies

Sheets of The stamp is printed by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato S.p.A., in rotogravure, on coated rubberized, non-fluorescent paper. copies

Sketch by Vincenzo Pace.

The cartoon depicts an “Aurora 88” pen, created in 1947, tracing a tricolor sign, a symbol of made in Italy, and outlining the claim “IN THE HEARTS AND HANDS OF ITALIANS”; in the upper left corner is the logo of the centennial of the founding of the Aurora Company.

The legend “ITALY” and the tariff indication “B” complete the stamp.

The first-day-of-issue cancellation is available at the Turin Philatelic Space.

The stamp and related philatelic products, postcards, cards and illustrated bulletins, can be purchased at Post Offices with philatelic counters, the “Spazio Filatelia” in Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome, Rome 1, Turin, Trieste, Venice, Verona and on the website.

A double-sided A4 folder containing the stamp, a stamped and cancelled postcard and a first-day cover was also produced, at a cost of €12.

Bulletin text

Founded in 1919 in Turin, Aurora is today a leading manufacturer and marketer of writing instruments, leather goods, watches and paper. A passion for beauty, style and the extraordinary quality of individual details, the company’s founding values, combined with continuous research activities, make it a true ambassador of Made in Italy excellence, recognized and appreciated in more than 50 countries around the world.


Led by the Verona family, which has been involved in the world of writing for four generations, Aurora remains today the only authentically Italian brand in its field, with a single factory in Turin. Since its founding, the company has led the evolution of writing instruments, creating exclusive objects in perfect balance between craftsmanship and innovation. Highly technological production phases go hand in hand with workmanship typical of the goldsmith tradition in which the use of precious materials and metals transforms each pen into a true jewel. Aurora is the only company in Italy and among the few in the world to produce the nib, the real heart of the pen, thus offering customers the possibility of choosing their own writing style from a perspective of fine tailoring, as well as creating prestigious limited and numbered series editions for collectors all over the world.


Through the constant search for cutting-edge stylistic solutions and the collaboration of internationally renowned designers, Aurora has written some of the most important pages in the history of design. In 1947 Marcello Nizzoli created the famous “88” model, a writing classic that has sold more than 7 million pieces and is still in production; while in 1970 Marco Zanuso designed for Aurora HASTIL and THESI, the first writing instruments to be exhibited at MOMA in New York, where they are currently on display alongside masterpieces of Italian design. Not forgetting the fundamental contributions of Albe Steiner, Giorgetto Giugiaro and Giampiero Bodino…


Born from a dream of Dr. Cesare Verona, President of Aurora Penne, and realized by the cultural association Aurea Signa, Officina della Scrittura is the first museum in the world entirely dedicated to Sign and Writing.

A true “citadel of knowledge” inaugurated inside the Manifattura Aurora in 2016 thanks in part to the contribution of the European Union, it is the place where everything in every sphere related to the culture of writing and, more generally, to the sign of man is told, promoted and enhanced: from cave paintings to contemporary forms of communication.

Officina della Scrittura is thus a world in balance between museum and factory, between knowledge and know-how: by offering itself as a place of knowledge and training in manufacturing professions, it actively contributes to restoring dignity and importance to the ancient craft trades, a true manufacturing excellence of the Italian territory. “Imagining the future of a 100-year-old company in order to project it toward 200 years is certainly an ambitious goal, however, it is a beautiful way to imagine that men can leave a trace, a mark, and that new generations will have the opportunity to interpret our dream and continue it over time.”

Cesare Verona

President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora Ltd.

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