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Officina della Scrittura

Inaugurated in 2016 thanks to the Aurea Signa Association and with the support of the European Community and numerous private contributions, Officina della Scrittura is the first museum in the world dedicated to Sign and Writing.

A veritable “Citadel of knowledge”, Officina della Scrittura is the place where everything related to the culture of writing and, more generally, to the human sign is told and valued: from rock paintings to the various forms of contemporary communication.

A unique museum that presents a perfect mix of technology and tradition, through an organic path that with its different souls tells, excites, informs the public of all ages.


Officina della Scrittura is a visual, cognitive, sensorial and interactive experience that will allow you to discover the world of signs.

What is a sign?

Exploring Officina della Scrittura, you can learn about the world of writing in all its facets: from the writings of people of yesterday and today, to the alphabets of the network.

You will also have the opportunity to admire some of the main writing supports, from the papyrus to the tablet.

Then, an immersion in the world of fountain pens: from the 13 Queens, pens that have left a mark in the world, true jewels and icons of 20th century, to the history of Aurora, which who wrote the last hundred years of the history of Italian with its pens.

Guided tours of the Museum and the Aurora Manufactory are organized in Officina della Scrittura.


  • Calligraphy Courses
  • Courses in Graphology and Psychology
  • Family activities
  • Activities and Workshops for Schools
  • Curricular job experiences

Theme tours and workshops:

  • Follow the Sign
  • Follow the history of the sign
  • Sign Making Laboratories


• Cultural and Corporate Events • Conferences • Meetings

An elegant place to inform, promote, create knowledge and share ideas.

Adequate space to display company products or for demonstration events.

Offering solutions that can be customized according to your needs, thanks to the flexibility of our rooms.


In a place rich in history and Made in Italy craftsmanship, where you can organize conferences and congresses, presentations and convivial moments.

Rooms provided with the most modern equipment and services, suitable for hosting meetings, conventions, corporate events, presentations, training activities but also cocktails and light dinners.

Large capacity with outdoor areas for events and catering services, with ample parking.


A space of 200 square meters inside Officina della Scrittura the Writing Workshop entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

Through always original exhibitions that are always original, the work of established and emerging artists, both Italian and foreigner, who have used the Sign and graphic language as their privileged iconography, is presented here:

Alighiero Boetti, Nicola De Maria, Giorgio Griffa, Emilio Isgrò, Ugo Nespolo, Truly Design, Sher Avner, just to name a few. . .

In occasion of every exhibition, a dedicated catalogue is published and it is available to the public at the Museum’s Bookshop.

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