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Let’s create a new Sign together

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Help us create a great new work for the world’s first museum dedicated to Sign and Writing: an Aurora pen made of 20,000 Lego bricks!

Officina della Scrittura is a major project that bears witness to the birth and evolution of an extraordinary invention, that of non-oral communication.

Inaugurated in 2016 thanks to the Aurea Signa association and with the support of the European Community and numerous private contributions, it is now a true “Citadel of Knowledge” a place where everything related to the culture of writing and the sign of man is narrated and enhanced. A unique museum that presents a perfect mix of technology and tradition, through an organic path that with its different souls tells, excites, educates the public of all ages.

Exploring the Writing Workshop, in fact, one can learn about the world of writing in all its facets: from the writings of the peoples of yesterday and today to the alphabets of the net, from calamari to the iPad. Finally, an immersion in the world of the fountain pen: from the 13 pens that have left their mark on the world, true jewels and icons of the 20th century, to the history of Aurora, whose pens have marked the last 100 years of Italy’s history.

And it is from an idea of Cesare Verona, one of the founders of the Museum and President of Aurora, and the willingness of Luca Giannitti, a collector and Lego construction enthusiast, that the project to build an iconic symbol of writing with the famous bricks was born: Aurora 88.

The work will be made of 20,000 bricks measuring 3.2 meters in height and 35 centimeters in diameter and will reproduce the iconic Aurora 88 in perfect 20:1 scale. Once installed, the large fountain pen will also be visible from outside the Aurora Museum and manufactory.

Our intent is to send a message in favor of culture and sign, themes that have always been strongly supported by Writing Workshop.

“Creating a Lego sculpture, creating a giant pen, our timeless Aurora 88, is a way to raise awareness and bring the general public closer to the issues for which Writing Workshop has been a spokesman for years. Sign, writing have been an expression of human thought since prehistoric times. We are grateful to Luca Giannitti and to those who would like to be an active part of our project by donating even one euro. The sculpture will remain an emblematic piece of the exhibition route welcoming visitors and guests.” Cesare Verona comments.

This campaign is aimed at collecting donations intended to purchase the 20,000 Lego bricks that will be used to shape the sculpture. With every euro donated you will be able to buy one brick and help us realize this project.

For donations from 1 to 19 euros you will receive a digital certificate of donation, accompanied by the Museum’s thanks; from 20 to 39 euros in addition to the certificate you will receive a free entrance to the Museum and an invitation to the event presenting the work; for donations of 40 euros or more in addition to the above, you will also receive the Lego pen model, to keep as a souvenir for your participation in the fundraiser.

Thank you to everyone who will and can help us write this great new adventure together.