Which are the building blocks of a pen?

  • HEAD
  • CLIP
  • CAP
  • NIB

These are the elements that most characterize the writing tools and that are most customizable

1. THE HEAD It can be in metal or resin. In the most prestigious ranges it can be embellished with precious stones: jade, quartz, onyx, etc… It is a customizable part if the company logo is squared/circular in shape and it is not characterized by processes that require extreme detail. Customization is simpler and produces less waste if the head is flat as in the Optima and the Talentum. In other cases it is not a solution to suggest.

2. THE CLIP It is one of the hallmarks of an Aurora pen. The “jewel clip” of the top of the range line is made with the utmost attention to its functionality, in addition to the aesthetic value: in fact, the Aurora clips are carefully tested to be able to guarantee excellent grip and flexibility. In the most prestigious versions, precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds are sometimes set.

3. THE HOOD It is the most easily customizable element, by pad printing and / or engraving, with the logo of the customer company.

4. THE NIB It is the main element of the fountain pen, usually in 14 Kt gold, with the exception of Limited Editions and Limited Productions (18 Kt gold) and low-range pens (steel). It is important to remember that Aurora produces its own gold nibs internally, while other manufacturers buy them externally. A good nib takes about 2 weeks to adapt to the owner’s writing style and then become unique.


It can be in resin or in more or less noble metal; glossy or matte; rubber; lacquered, etc… The wide range of solutions offered allows everyone to find a solution in line with their tastes.