What are the different types of nibs?

– 18 Kt solid gold (750 ‰): in Limited Editions and Productions and in the Jewel Collection – 14 Kt solid gold (585 ‰): in the top of the range lines (88, Optima, Alpha, Talentum, Ipsilon De Luxe). It is the type of nib that guarantees the right flexibility and the best fluidity of the ink. – Steel for the other lines (Style, Ipsilon, Magellano). The conductor of the nib is in ebonite, the material that best allows to convey the ink.

There are 15 types of nibs suitable for all audiences. Extra fine, fine, medium and broad nibs are available; nibs for right or left handed.

Some pluses of Aurora fountain pens: in the high-end range, Aurora has its patented hidden reserve: once the ink is finished, with a simple operation you can write for at least 2 more sheets.

The piston filling mechanism, which characterizes the high-end fountain pens, allows you to load the ink directly from the nib into the tank: it is a method that requires more manual skills, particularly appreciated by lovers of writing.