How do I correctly load a refill for a mechanical pencil?

Aurora pencil does not require special care. The special rotating mechanism with progressive advance ensures a particular precision in the exit of the lead. Turning clockwise, the lead comes out automatically (fig.1). Carry out the operation a few times to obtain the desired spillage of the lead. By turning clockwise and simultaneously placing the pencil on a surface or using a finger you can retract the lead (fig. 2). You can erase by simply pulling the cap and using the special rubber (fig. 3). To replace the rubber and the leads, use the original Aurora spare parts available and proceed as follows: pull the cap as shown in fig.3, then unscrew the black terminal (fig.4). Remove the mechanism (fig. 5), then pulling the black plug of the leads which can be used to detach the tip of the mechanism itself, in case of need (fig. 6 and fig. 7). Insert, as a maximum, 5 mines of 0.7mm diameter. Once the mine replacement operation is finished, perform the reverse operations. When you are not using your Aurora pencil, always bring the lead back as shown in fig. 2 to avoid accidental breakage or damage to clothing.