Viaggio Segreto in Italia

Aurora launches the new collection called “Viaggio Segreto in Italia “ We will bring you on a journey along our Peninsula to introduce you to amazing and unusual places. We will take you to the most hidden places of our magnificent Italy, discovering the Secret and the traditions of 8 Italian cities through Exclusive Limited Editions. The "Viaggio Segreto in Italia" collection was born from the scrupulous search for cities and their musicality, to give you the most unique writing experience. The main sense of this collection is Hearing. Each City is accompanied by its distintic music that will make you experience the atmosphere of the place, through a QR code inserted inside the precious box. Each Limited Edition is also enriched by a precious watercolored bookmark, which like a postcard remains in memory of the fabulous journey. We will reveal a secret journey of our wonderful Country.


The sixth city of the Secret Journey to Italy is Ortigia. Famous for being the historic part of Syracuse, not everyone knows the legend of the Fonte di Arethusa. In this place the Goddess Diana transformed the nymph Arethusa into a water spring to protect her from Alfeo.


The fifth city of the Secret Journey to Italy is Mantova. Famous for its Renaissance architecture, not everyone knows that every year in its Lake Maggiore, takes place the largest blooming of lotus flowers in Europe.


The fourth city of the Secret Journey to Italy is Burano, a small island near Venice. Known today for its famous lace, not everyone knows that Burano is famous for its colorful houses.

Baia di Napoli

The third place of the Secret Journey to Italy is Baia,  an underwater historical park in the Gulf of Naples. The ancient city was submerged by the sea and today is  called "the little Atlantis" thanks to its precious Roman archeological remains.


The second  city  of the Secret Journey to Italy is Volterra. Famous for its ancient Etruscan city, Volterra  is well known  for being the place of extraction and processing of the alabaster. Dating from million years ago, the Volterra alabaster is the most valuable in Europe for its  glossiness...


The first step on the "Viaggio Segreto in Italia" is Matera. Known throughout the world for the famous Stones called Sassi, not everyone knows that there's a large underground water tank in the city called "Palombaro Lungo"...