A timeless legend
A great writing classic, designed by the famous designer Marcello Nizzoli, this legendary cult pen from the 50’s is back. It is the symbol of a manufacturing process still tied to various craftsman phases as well as to the most leading edge technology.


  • 88 Resin
  • Gold and silver
  • Silver and resin
  • Streaked pattern
  • 88 Sigaro
  • 8"88"
  • 88 Mamba
  • 88 Flex

88 Resin

Aurora has always been first and foremost about design. Its design originates from research, but also from tradition and fashion. Thought for fashion and cult object lovers: this new pen in matt finish black resin states its character, with style.

88 Sigaro

The cigar is a ritual that does not allow for improvisations. A tradition, a cult of pleasure to be enjoyed through slow, noble and measuredgestures. An indispensable ritual to slow down the rhythm of the day and to re-order thoughts and emotions. The 88 Sigaro is born from the unmistakable color of tobacco and every detail is endowed with an authentic style; it is perfect in the hands of those who love collecting the unforgettable moments of life.


The dawn of a new light
The historic and classic “88” Aurora pen has been revisited in its materials for this unique version, with barrel and cap in marbled resin. A new birth, like the morning’s first ray of sun. Its colours are indeed a hymn to the light, to the splendid glow that rises every new day and in any new era, endless... just as this 8“88” pen.

88 Flex

It is 1947: the bold and enthusiastic, lively and modern postwar revival is in full swing in Italy. The influence of American troops becomes visible in the lifestyle of Italians. Authentic modernity is also being felt at the Aurora Fountain Pen Factory. The first 88 was created in the newly rebuilt facilities; it is one of the most significant masterpieces of the company’s line. As its name suggests, it is a collection meant to represent Aurora’s excellence ad infinitum. This limited edition celebrates with pride 70 years of perpetual success.