Timeless elegance
Precious materials, craftsman finishing, attention to details. Optima re-evokes the elegance and sobriety of a model which made history in the Thirties.


  • Optima Grana di riso
  • La Vecchia Signora
  • Optima Riflessi
  • Optima Decò
  • Optima Flex
  • Optima 365
  • Optima O' Sole Mio
  • Optima Auroloide
  • Optima Resin

Optima Grana di riso

Aurora's "rice grain" guilloche is a particular ornamental pattern of extreme precision. A timeless classic, able to combine the modernity of the decoration with the refinement of a precious metal.

La Vecchia Signora

Optima Riflessi

Beams of golden and silver light, revealed in these exclusive writing instruments, through the spirit of the finest metals to create a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Optima Decò

Inspired by the elegant geometry of 30’s and designed on the most precious materials. A tribute to a magic decade, to the origin of Aurora and to modernity.

Optima Flex

Thanks to its elegant and rigorous shape, the Optima pen is without doubt the best-selling Aurora pen since its first models in the 1930s. An emblem of special projects, its unmistakable design has now been enriched by Flex Nib, a flexible nib that allows anyone to easily achieve a thin or thick line simply by varying the pressure while writing. A “must” for calligraphy lovers and for those who like to leave a “mark” full of their personality.

Optima 365

A special collection in Limited Edition.
There is always a number that accompnies us through life. The date of birthday, anniversary, a unique or lucky number to remember... For every day of the year Aurora has created an extraordinary pen, a unique masterpiece in only 365 pieces for the whole world, with that special number to always bring with you engraved on it...

Optima O' Sole Mio

Optima Auroloide


Optima Resin