Limited Edition

True jewels for collectors and appraisers all over the world, Aurora Limited Edition pens have a classic, timeless design. Refined and sought-after, they are a symbol of great charm and prestige; a perfect combination of style and know-how from the antique Italian goldsmith tradition.


  • Viaggio Segreto in Italia
  • Trilobiti
  • Ambienti
  • Internazionale
  • Dante Inferno
  • Dante Purgatorio
  • Dante Paradiso
  • Giuseppe Verdi 200° Anniversario
  • Gaius Julius Caesar
  • Palladio
  • Nobile
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Gabriele D'Annunzio
  • Mari d'Italia
  • Oceani
  • Papa Beato
  • Papa Francesco
  • Sindone
  • Papa
  • S. Pietroburgo

Dante Inferno

Letters of the great poet
A collection that comes from a unique combination: Aurora, a true passion for writing, and Dante, the father of Italian language. A pen with a strong and intriguing character, as the inspiration of the work from which it takes shape: the Inferno, the first canticle of the Divine Comedy, the masterpiece of the “Great Poet”. The prestige of a single work of world literature is forged into an authentic writing object, with eternal value.

Dante Purgatorio

"E canterò di quel secondo regno dove l'umano spirito si purga e di salire al ciel diventa degno"
The journey among the cantos of the most important literary work of all time continues. After the Inferno Collection, Aurora has now devoted a limited collection to the seven terraces of Purgatory. The verses of the classic poet take shape in a pen with a strong and triumphant character.

Giuseppe Verdi 200° Anniversario

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth, Aurora celebrates Giuseppe Verdi, one of the most famous Italian composer, with a unique refined and precious line, characterized by a particular care to every detail. A piston fountain pen with a sterling silver cap embellished with engravings of laurel leaves and the lyre symbol of art and music. An original tribute to the author of Nabucco and Aida.

Gaius Julius Caesar

The grandeur of a man.
The greatest military genius in Roman history. His legendary declaration - “Veni, Vidi, Vici” – still stands as a testimony to his absolute hegemony, achieved through brilliant conquests and heroic feats of arms. A man who influenced the political and historical future not just of ancient and modern Rome but of the entire world. To him - to the one, true, timeless “Caesar” - Aurora pays homage with this extraordinary, limited edition collection.


Harmonious architecture
Proportion and imagination, creativity and balance. On the fifth centenary of his birth, Aurora celebrates Andrea Palladio’s genius with a pen of surprising charm, inspired by the classic style that makes it a contemporary beauty.


Dedicated to the Brave
A collection dedicated to the memorable enterprises of General Umberto Nobile and his courage. His expedition on the ice, with the Airship Italia in 1928, and the heroic adventure with the Red Tent, are honoured with a pen of strong character, on which history is impressed.

Gabriele D'Annunzio

The art of writing is a lost secret
Refined connoisseur of aesthetics and good taste, D’Annunzio is certainly the XX century literary figure who has particularly influenced the style. Aurora is celebrating his heroic enterprises with a Limited Edition pen.


We will cross all the oceans, to rediscover the importance of the Sign
Aurora penne launches the new line, “Oceani”, an exclusive collection imagined to homage to the importance of water for our planet. The Turin company, symbol of excellence in the world, chooses for this new creation the soft and refined features of the design to evoke the gentle curves of waves with intense colors and brilliant trims. The hood and bottom decorations inspired by the elements of the Ocean make the collection exclusive and elegant, designed for those who leave their sign in the world with elegance. Made in a limited and numbered edition, the collection will be divided into 5 prestigious series, each one dedicated to an Ocean: Arctic, Indian, Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic.

Papa Beato

Tribute to a great man
On the occasion of the beatification of Pope Giovanni Paolo II, Aurora wanted to remember this important celebration with another Limited Edition. A touching and significant moment, for all humanity not only for the Church, since Pope Wojtyla, as few other, has left such a strong example of life that goes beyond any religious creed. To this Great Man, to his proclamation amongst the blessed Aurora plays a tribute through this unique and precious creation.

Papa Francesco

"Tribute to Papa Bergoglio"
Francis: the “Poor Man of Assisi”, one of the most popular and venerated saints in the world; and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. A collection dedicated to two men who both share a compassionate heart and a name synonymous with Love. Aurora pays homage to both of them with these pens that stand as concrete symbols of their message of peace, proclamations separated by almost 1000 years, yet transcending all limits of time and space.