The spirit of innovation
An innovative line with a strong attitude. Ipsilon, with its unmistakably shaped clip, is a loyal everyday companion dedicated to those who work and study.


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Ipsilon Quadra

The Aurora guilloché is a particular and rare decorative process obtained by metal engraving. A dedicated piece of machinery, manually controlled, engraves the pattern designed by our Style Centre on the surface of the metal. The modern “squared” and the traditional “millerighe” (thousand lines) patterns decorate the pens of the Ipsilon collection, making them as precious as jewels.

Ipsilon Rigorosa

Inspired by the textures of the international city lines developed through precious guilloche’. Elegant textures inspired by the architectural lines of the most famous urban centers designed and created by aurora pen.

Ipsilon Italia

Together in the sign of writing
One and a half centuries of history, emotions and conquests for a Country which, by uniting its strengths, has grown and become a great nation. It is a pen on which history is marked in clear letters, with the chrome cap featuring the names of the great men who built Italy with such indomitable passion: Alfieri, Carlo Alberto, Bixio, Cattaneo, Cavour, D’Azeglio, Garibaldi, Gioberti, Mazzini, Pellico, Rosmini, Vittorio Emanuele II. In history, in the heart: forever united with Italy.