Italian design for contemporary writing.
Designed by Marco Zanuso and on permanent display at the MOMA in New York, Hastil and Thesi are one of the most important pieces of Italian creative design in the world.


  • Hastil & Thesi
  • Permanento

Hastil & Thesi

Cap and barrel in ecosteel / Ultra-flat satin metal ballpoint, shiny trims.
Fountain pen with 14Kt.
solid gold, rhodium-treated (032) or steel nib (027).


Permanento is the original name of the continuous-lead pencil manufactured in the 30s in the historical Aurora production facility. Chosen by fashion designers and draftsmen for its original and modern hexagonal shape and for its precise line, Permanento has always been an essential instrument for the most important Italian design offices in the realization of products that made history.

925‰ sterling silver, black graphite effect or shiny chrome body.