Write in a trasparent world.
Absolute preciousness for the fountain pen with diamonds set in the clip. Writing soul flows visible, through the transparent resin. Designed by the light, Demonstrator reveals itself through its perfect mechanisms, its inner elegance, its innate precision. It is not afraid of reveal itself, indeed it shows itself, like the writing to the thought. A precious limited edition collection, for people who love to look beyond.


  • Demonstrator Optima
  • 88 Minerali
  • Demonstrator Nera

88 Minerali

Nature has always been one of the main sources of inspiration for humans because it is the source of unspoiled beauty. Aurora goes to the edge of the visible, in the most extreme depths of the Earth, to seek beauty in its primordial essence. The collection "88 Minerali" is dedicated to the search, and discovery, of the purity of minerals, natural elements that have always been admired for their shining uniqueness.

Demonstrator Nera

The charm of Transparency
The timeless design of the “Ottantotto”, legendary pen of the 50s, dresses up with minimalist chic codes of contemporary times. Plexiglass and black: a new and fascinating contrast between purity and character, essentiality and style. A transparent creation in the materials, purely visible in its inner perfection. At the same time absolutely fashion in the black accents that add personality to plexiglass. A strong personality, which leaves a mark in today’s life, reinterpreting the past and anticipating the future.