Leather Goods

The art of making a mark.
Leather accessories that are signs of unmistakable style. From Aurora, symbol of the art of Italian writing, a collection of leather goods where design is expressed in every detail, in form and material, to write on the leather another fascinating story of contemporary elegance. Since 1919 the experience and the all-Italian art of working on the details to perfection. This is how beauty is born, this is how the character of a unique instrument, conceived and created entirely in Italy, takes shape.

The pride of saying “made in Italy”.

Leather Goods Catolog

Made in Italy. The sign of distinction of an object in which the experience, art and love of designers, leather craftsmen and masters of manufacture met each other to express the excellence of an Italian creation. From the Aurora style heart, a leather goods collection where beauty is born to be experienced.


  • Cocco
  • Torino
  • Milano
  • Roma
  • Firenze


Elegant and exclusive, Cocco is a collection made of American alligator, the top in quality and beauty. Each object is handmade by expert Italian craftsmen, custodians of the ancient tradition of leatherworking. In black leather or shiny gold, all the items are embellished with golden details and are made unique by the exclusivity of production, since the collection, in Limited Edition, is made in only 99 pieces.


Unique and sophisticated, in a rare balance of form and substance. The Torino line is distinguished by a very special workmanship, which gives the surface of the fine Italian “full grain" leather a unique pleasure. In the classic black leather version or in the original red Aurora version, Torino is born in the sign of contemporary beauty.


Roma. Dynamic and cosmopolitan, informal and design, created to interpret leather and accessories with an unmistakable Italian style. In glossy black leather, it is made with a stain-resistant and drip-proof treatment. The bright color, the Aurora logo hot stamped and the craftsmanship in every detail, make these objects inseparable travel companions for all lovers of “sweet life".