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Aurora will take care of the greenery at the Settimo Road traffic circle

Manifattura Aurora, a prestigious Turin-based manufacturer of writing instruments that will reach the coveted centennial milestone (1919-2019) in 2019, as part of a larger area project aimed at the redevelopment and enhancement of the surroundings of Abbadia di Stura, will take care of the Settimo Road traffic circle through a sponsorship contract.

In fact, it was on Friday that the document was signed that initiates this important collaboration for the City and District 6. The company’s headquarters is a few hundred meters from the traffic circle, on Abbadia di Stura road.

Since 2017, the City of Turin has been looking for private sponsors to enhance, promote and maintain its green areas, playgrounds and dog-friendly spaces for the five-year period until 2021. And Turin’s historic manufacture, which has always been intimately linked to its territory, responded enthusiastically and proudly to the city’s request.

Aurora’s sponsorship consists of enhancing the Seventh Street traffic circle by initially taking care of its greenery; the contract also provides for the subsequent installation of an art installation in the center of the traffic circle that will praise writing as a world heritage site.

The duration of the partnership is ten years.

“The preservation, maintenance and enhancement of the City of Turin’s considerable public green heritage (22 million square meters, about 15 percent of the total urban surface area) represents a task that requires not only the expertise and professionalism of those dedicated to it, but also the availability of adequate resources,” explains the City of Turin’s Environment Councillor Alberto Unia. “The most effective resource is the participation, attention and co-responsibility of citizens. I thank Aurora Ltd. for joining a virtuous path of participation with a sure positive impact for the city.”

“Aurora represents a source of pride and pride for the Circoscrizione 6 area for many reasons,” says Circoscrizione 6 President Carlotta Salerno. “From the excellent product that sees the light of day in their laboratories, appreciated internationally, through the courageous decision not to delocalize production, and finally to the wonderful Museum of Writing that stands next to the company and traces the value of the sign in human history. Aurora has always interacted with the neighborhood, the city and the institutions, in a living perspective of exchange and growth. The sponsorship of the traffic circle is a new step in this long common path, a 10-year commitment that once again gives us the measure of the company’s affection – reciprocated – for the neighborhood and the importance of synergy between institutions and private individuals.

The historic Turin-based brand is actively engaged in creating networks and synergies to promote a process of rebirth and enhancement of the territory in its complexity. “The first step,” explains Cesare Verona, CEO of Aurora, “was the birth of Officina della Scrittura, a unique museum dedicated to Sign and Writing, the realization of which was made possible also thanks to the intervention of the European Community and which registered more than 10,000 visitors from all over the world in its first year of life.

Numerous agreements have already been signed with entities and institutions, including important city entities. After the City of Turin, the City of Settimo Torinese, and the City of San Mauro Torinese, an important Memorandum of Understanding was also recently signed with the City of Gattinara, in the province of Vercelli, for collaboration in the realization of numerous projects spread throughout the Piedmontese territory, which invest different areas of interest.

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