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Aurora – Viaggio Segreto in Italia: the second stop is Volterra

The “Secret Journey in Italy,” a fascinating intinerary led by the historic Turin-based Aurora manufactory through never-before-seen creations, reaches its second stop to explore the mysteries of the Tuscan town of Volterra, the cradle of Etruscan civilization.

The fountain pens in the new line, produced in a limited edition of 888, were designed drawing inspiration from the famous and ancient historic town of Volterra, known for being the site of the extraction and working of Europe’s finest alabaster.

A material with different connotations depending on the quarry from which it is extracted, delicate, lustrous and elegant, alabaster, with Egyptian origins, dates back some seven million years. Its working, a very ancient practice, is handed down from generation to generation.

The warm colors of the fascinating Tuscan land are expertly evoked by the sepia tone of the ink and blend with the translucent alabaster coloring that characterizes the mottled Auroloid of the pens’ body and cap. The design of the fountain pen reproduces the iconic contours of the 88 line, echoing the original design for which the brand is still recognized today. At the base of the cap, the ring bears the Aurora logo.

The solid 18K rose gold nib matches the finish of the pens, precious instruments designed to provide a singular writing experience.

To the play of colors is added that of sound, a combination that gives and reproduces a unique atmosphere. Through the QR code, inserted inside the precious case, one can access at any time the playlist proper to the Secret Journey to Italy Collection, to be led to the melody dedicated to the city of Volterra.

Enriching the creation is a precious watercolor depicting a glimpse of the city to be kept as a souvenir postcard of travel. The “Secret Journey to Italy” fountain pens (priced at €790 each) are housed inside an elegant black lacquered wooden case with special sheath depicting a glimpse of the city and its Secret.