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Aurora – the Secret Journey to Italy proceeds to discover Baia di Napoli

Aurora’s journey along the paths of the Peninsula continues in search of its most curious and fascinating secrets. The third leg of the “Secret Journey in Italy” explores the mystery guarded by Baia di Napoli, a picturesque location on the Gulf of Posillipo. It is in this setting that the sea conceals the unexpected: an entire city of Roman times completely submerged, just a few steps from the coast. A resort of the aristocracy and the imperial family, the site was lived in and known until the 3rd century AD.

After Matera and Volterra, then, the third chapter brings us to a lovely and fascinating place: inspired by Italy’s Atlantis, the 888 Limited Edition pieces (priced at €790 each) have features closely related to the place’s defining element: water.

The blue and purplish tones of the body, in mottled Auroloid, clearly evoke the depths of the abyss and encapsulate the essence within a fountain pen with a decisive stroke capable of excitement. A pure and dense base that is ignited and refined by the silvery reflections of the waves, a distinctive feature found in the 18Kt rhodium-plated solid gold nib and chrome trim.

The “ceiling” of the ancient Roman city, whose ruins lie in front of Bay of Naples, is further captured by the mixing of colors on the body of the pen, which refers to the fabulous mosaics, still present, and what remains of villas, baths and domus. An extraordinary testimony of ancient times and stories to be discovered. All these evocative elements are also present in the wonderful watercolor placed on the souvenir card that accompanies each pen. The collection focuses on the synesthesia between sight and hearing: each stage of the “Secret Journey to Italy,” in fact, is associated with an iconic song, characteristic of the place, capable of recalling deep emotions that pervade at once all the senses. The entire playlist is accessible through the QR code in the precious case that holds the Limited Edition, just like a precious secret