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Aurora presents The special collections dedicated to the Strega Prize

premio strega

Aurora has always been considered the “pen of the Italians,” a definition that rewards almost a century of activities, initiatives, and collaborations aimed at making the best qualities of our country known around the world, both in terms of manufacturing and literature.

For the historic Turin-based Manifattura, since 1919 the world’s ambassador of Made in Italy excellence, the partnership with the Benevento-based company Strega Alberti, producer of the iconic yellow liqueur and title sponsor of the famous Strega Prize established in 1947, is an important new opportunity to link its name to a true institution that exalts the literary culture of our country.

“Underlying this partnership is a story of friendship, the one between us and the Alberti family, owners of the company that produces Strega liqueur,” comments Aurora’s CEO Cesare Verona, “which once again solidifies the strong link between literature and the tools of writing.”

The collaboration is declined the 2 lines ideally dedicated to the various stages of success.

Based on the historic Ipsilon line, the Aurora Premio Strega “Contemporary Authors” collection is dedicated to modern writers. Offered in stylus, ballpoint and rollerball variants, it is made with a yellow resin cap, black resin body and gold trim. The cap is personalized with the famous Award graphic. Gold-plated steel nib.

The prices of the collection are: fountain pen 145€, rollerball pen 115€, ballpoint pen 98€.

Dedicated instead to writing beginners is the Aurora Premio Strega “Giovani Talenti” collection consisting of: fountain pen with chrome-plated steel nib, rollerball and ballpoint pen with satin-finish chrome cap, black resin head and body. Chrome finish. The cap is personalized with the Award graphics.

The prices of the collection are: fountain pen 40€, rollerball pen 30€, ballpoint pen 20€.

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