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Aurora Pens, presented the new collection “Viaggio Segreto in Italia”

A new way of looking at famous places in the Italian territory, a new perspective under which to analyze them. Aurora Pen presents its new collection, “Viaggio Segreto in Italia,” and it does so precisely in the spirit of going to unveil curiosities related to iconic cities found on the Boot. Stories, traditions and anecdotes that will touch on eight different cities of the Bel Pease.

The first stop on Aurora’s Secret Journey is Matera, one of the oldest still-inhabited cities in the world and therefore full of charm and culture. Internationally famous for the Sassi, however, not everyone knows that Matera hides a huge underground cistern through which, through rain and spring water, it has supplied the city for centuries. The cistern was kept in operation until 1920 and is what inspired the limited edition of 888 pieces.

The hues of the fossil shells, stone and rocks of this historic find blend with those of overseas water to create this limited edition with a turquoise and white mottled Auroloid body and cap and chrome trim, fitted with a rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib, produced in-house at the Aurora Manufacture.

The turquoise ink recalls the clear waters, while the stop in the city of Matera is also celebrated through hearing by music chosen to fully relive the atmosphere of the place: scanning the QR code inserted inside the case takes you to the song dedicated to the city.

Enriching the creation is a precious and extraordinary watercolor depicting a glimpse of the city, figuring as a souvenir postcard of travel.