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Aurora celebrates the act of writing

Aurora pennino


The international handwriting day, sponsored by WIMA (the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association), is celebrated every 23 January and represents an opportunity to honour a passion that unites more and more people who consider the act of writing as a way to express their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Aurora, an industry-leading Italian-based manufacturer, has long been promoting all forms of writing by offering instruments designed around the customers’ needs, allowing each and every hand to set their unique style.

“Expression through (written) characters is one of the oldest means of communication that has endured time and is widespread across all cultures. Ever since the time of hieroglyphs, man has always strived to pass on knowledge and experiences through signs, writings and drawings. Still today, in times characterised by digital evolution, handwriting represents for an increasing number of people a passion, a moment of relaxation, an opportunity to transfer ideas and thoughts onto paper as a form of self-expression. In addition, studies have revealed the benefits of handwriting on the development of cognitive and creative processes. For these reasons, we are pleased to celebrate recurring events like this and to help spread the values that come with it”, commented Cesare Verona, CEO of Aurora.

The Turin-based manufacturer earned its fame for being one of the few companies in the world to produce the nibs of its fountain pens in-house. A leading Italian company that stands out for its never-ending pursuit of perfection through the sign and act of writing. In order to meet the most demanding needs, today, the company produces 21 different nibs that deliver a variety of strokes, such as the extra-fine, fine, medium and broad nibs, not to forget the nibs specifically designed for left-handers and different cultures (e.g. the Chinese or Middle Eastern).

The range includes also special nibs with oblique cuts and nibs specifically suited for creating particular calligraphic styles. Produced in gold or steel, Aurora solid-gold nibs boast the historical 5TO imprint.

In addition to the fountain pen – the queen –, Aurora collections also include ballpoint pens, launched in the 1940s, and rollerball pens, a writing instrument that originated in the Far East and quickly spread to Western countries as it is well-suited for their hectic lifestyle.

For over a century, Aurora has been offering unique writing experiences through its creations that have become timeless icons such as the 88, Optima and Ipsilon collections.

Among the most recent models, it is worth mentioning the pen celebrating Aurora’s hundredth anniversary, a precious fountain pen produced in a limited edition of 919 copies, made of solid silver and red enamelled lacquer.

The company hands down a passion, supports a deeply-rooted philosophy and strong beliefs: the cultural value of writing and all human activities destined to leave a mark in history.