Born in the historic head office of Via della Basilica 9, in the heart of Turin, and destroyed by bombings in 1943, Aurora moved its home in the northern part of the city, near the Abbadia of Stura, close to the cloister and the church that, since Roman times, received monks, men of culture and pilgrims, constituting a center of cultural and spiritual life of primary importance.

In the shadow of this historical monument, in the picturesque building, a former eighteenth-century filanda that houses the production departments and a liberty building that houses management and offices, today operates with more than fifty countries around the world.

Here, through the production of unmistakable beauty items, the Aurora of the third millennium wants to continue to be the interpreter of good taste, technological innovation and style that has marked the history of Italian design, costume and taste.

The establishment can be visited; for reservations and information click here.

Aurora spaces are also available to organize your most important events and to experience an unforgettable writing world experience.