Aurea Signa is an association founded in 2004 for the commitment and will of Verona family with a clear goal in mind: to perpetuate the knowledge, the art of reading and writing, its instruments, supports and techniques, and all the human expressions, ancient and modern, used to communicate.

In recent years, the association has supported and sponsored events related to culture, art and literature, with a particular preference towards those lesser-known manifestations to the general public, but which have the fundamental task of discovering and launching new talents by offering a first well-deserved opportunity.

After years of hard work, research, analysis and projects, the dream of Aurea Signa finally came to fruition: in September 2016, inside the Aurora factory, but completely detached from the brand, was born the Officina della Scrittura.

Located on the first floor of the factory, the Officina della Scrittura is not a business museum but a place to preserve memory of the culture and events of a historic company for Turin and Piedmont, to show traces of the sign of man in the wider sense of the term (from rock painting to contemporary art performance through writing and its instruments), to experience a direct learning of the work and related disciplines such as calligraphy and graphology, illustrate the ancient techniques of working through the use of historic machines still working, to train new artisans of the future in a dedicated section where vocational training will be combined with the cultural one, with remarkable impact on the labor market and on the territory.

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