Instructions for the best use
- a fountain pen Aurora does not require special care
- it is sufficient to wash it with warm water whenever you change the ink color, or in the event of a break in the flow
- If you have to travel by plane or by car, subjecting the fountain pen to high temperatures or pressure, keep your Aurora upright with the cap facing up
- the ink is available in various colors and is in the best stores; the use of different inks, drawn or indelible, could undoubtedly undermine the smooth functioning of the pen
- If you consider these few tips, the Aurora fountain pen will be a faithful companion of writing for the rest of your life

Filling the pen
- unscrew the cap
- turn the end anticlockwise as far as it will go but not too much (fig. 1)
- dip the nib completely in the ink and turn the end clockwise, back to its starting position (fig.2)
- if it is the first time you use the fountain pen, leave the nib in the ink and repeat the operation
- take the nib out of the ink, rotate the end counterclockwise and let 3 drops of ink  come out (fig. 3)
- turn the pen with the nib facing up and turn the end back to the initial position (fig.4)
- dry with a soft cloth that absorbs any excess ink from the nib and the black duct


Filling the pen
- remove the cap
- unscrew the front of the pen (fig. 1)
- CARTRIDGE: insert a K/S Aurora cartridge (Fig. 2) 
- PISTON CONVERTER: insert the Aurora piston converter until it clicks and turn it anticlockwise (fig. 3); dip the nib completely in the ink and turn the piston clockwise (Fig. 4). At this point turn the piston anticlockwise again to let a drop of ink out; dry with a soft cloth to absorb any surplus ink on the nib


Instructions for the best use
- turn the cap clockwise, and the point will appear automatically (fig. 1); turn it anticlockwise, you can do it with just one hand thanks to the automatic return, and the poiunt will retract (fig.2)
- to replace the refill, turn the cap anticlockwise until it is fully unscrewed (fig. 3)
- insert a new Aurora refill available in different colors and different points
- after replacing the refill, make sure that you press the cap down as you twist it clockwise right to the end (fig.4)


Instructions for the best use
- Aurora roller does not require any special care
- the special liquid ink refill ensures top quality writing confort
- always place the cap when the Aurora roller is not being used, so that the ink in the refill does not dry up
- when the colour begins to fade, insert a new refill: unscrew the top of the roller pen (Fig. 1), insert the refill and tighten the reservoir (Fig. 2)
- with certain types of roller pen, unscrew the bottom (Fig. 3), insert the refill then tighten the bottom again (Fig. 4)
- you can find Aurora parts in different colors at the best dealers


Instructions for the best use
- Aurora pencil does not require special care
- the special gradual advance rotating mechanism guarantees absolute precision
- turn it clockwise, the mine is automatically released (Fig. 1); do the operation a few times to get the desired amount of lead
- rotating clockwise and simultaneously by placing the pencil on a surface or by using a finger you can re-enter the mine (Figure 2)
- you can clear it by simply pulling the cap and using the rubber (fig. 3)
- to replace the rubber and the mines, use the original Aurora spare parts and proceed as follows: pull the cap as shown in fig. 3, then unscrew the black terminal (fig. 4); remove the mechanism (fig.5), then pull the black cap of the mines that can be used to disinfect the tip of the mechanism, if needed (figs 6 and 7)
- insert a maximum of 5 leads of 0.7 mm diameter
- once the mine action is completed, perform the operations in inverse order
- when ou are not using your Aurora Pencil, remember to retract the leads as in Fig. 2, to avoid accidentally breaking it or tearing your clothes