Aurora has guided the evolution of writing instruments, always maintaining the balance between craftsmanship and technology and creating unique features, made in every single component within its 7,000-square-foot manifold located in the city of Turin.

Processing, done with the techniques of the goldsmith tradition, is accompanied by computerized technologies. The choice of precious materials and metals (gold, silver, platinum, rubies, etc.) gives each pen the value of a real jewel.

Driven by family Verona, involved in the writing world for four generations, Aurora remains the only truly Italian brand in its field with a single manufacturing company employing about 60 employees.

The Aurora brand is synonymous of Made in Italy's excellence, recognized and appreciated internationally in over 50 countries around the world. Annual exports account for 52% of turnover. Emerging markets represent an important commercial development opportunity for the Turin company. Aurora is present with mono boutiques and over 200 corner shops around the world.

The current size and structure of the company represents a guarantee of flexibility and allows the fastest response to market developments and the demands of an increasingly diverse and demanding clientele.